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Gather 2013

As always, the Gather 2013 unconference was excellent. I used a mindmap to present on building a responsive editable website, real cheap, using Foundation and SurrealCMS (and also Apache, NearlyFreeSpeech and Bitbucket). Full article

Published 13 July 2013, tags: (none)

Producing CSV files from Java for French and German

I’ve been applying some limited internationalization to a US-centric Java-based web app: producing CSV files that give intelligible results when opened in Excel, without having to switch your Windows regional settings. Here are a few things I’ve learned along the way. Full article

Published 21 August 2011, tags: ,

New York City travel tips

Here’s a few tips on Manhattan street layout, getting around, security, eating and drinking, and swimming. Full article

Published 22 June 2011, updated 17 April 2015, tags:

Removing line noise with a user style sheet

I find text with underlining or strikethough difficult to read, so I use the following user style sheet to remove it, except when hovering over links. Full article

Published 31 May 2010, tags: ,

What's the problem we're trying to solve?

When a discussion starts to get overly general, and seems to be generating more problems than solutions, a simple question can help regain some focus. Full article

Published 9 February 2009, tags:

Hibernate trap: Do not directly access fields in another entity instance

Hibernate is great, but about once a year we get bitten by using it incorrectly. Latest lesson: Don’t directly access fields on any instance other than ‘this’. Use the appropriate getter instead. Full article

Published 6 February 2009, tags: ,

Correct, in error, appropriate, or inappropriate? How are you going to know?

Today a colleague sent a diagram dividing a system into ‘correct’ and ‘in error’ portions through phases of waterfall development. Full article

Published 17 October 2008, tags: